A chat with Sarah Todd of Masterchef Australia Season 6. Now playing on the Finely Chopped on YouTube

With Sarah Todd

K and I are pretty big Masterchef Australia fans.

When the season is on we watch the series while we have dinner every night. We often have our favourite contestants. In season 6, K was particularly fond of Sarah Todd and was heartbroken that Sarah didn't make it till the tend.

While Sarah didn't get the Masterchef title, it turns out that she has got the offer to open a restaurant in Vagator in Goa called Antares.

She is opening India's first modern Australian restaurant there. The plating and recipes will be inspired by what's happening in Australia today.

Ingredients used will be local and Sarah is excited by spices such as kokum that she has come across and the fresh seafood available in Goa.

I met up with her when she was in Mumbai and had a chat with her. She turned out to be a very warm, humble, positive and pleasant person. Exactly the way she comes across on television.

You can hear her talk about her plans in this video on The Finely Chopped on YouTube.

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100&Above said…
Hey sarah,
What will be your signature dish in your place?
Keeping indian audience in mind,what kind of meats will you be searving as australian dishes does contain heavy meat influence.kindly mention if beef,pork will be served?