The Aaswad story. Now playing on The Finely Chopped on YouTube

Shooting with Mr Suryakant Sarjoshi in Aaswad
and our producer from Ping, Nikeet

The festival of Ganpati has just got over and revellers are still remembering the festival days fondly.

It seems like just the the other day that the festival had started and we went to our friends, Annu and Manoj's place, to take part in the festivities. You can read about it here.

There was such a lot of talk around food, and the elephant god's love for it, that it made one feel that Ganpati is the patron God of food lovers and of even us food bloggers!

The most popular item during the Ganpati festival in Maharashtra are the modaks, a local sweet dish. Apparently modaks are referred to in the vedas too according to Suryakant Sarjoshi who owns Aaswad in Dadar.

I had gone to shoot there for The Finely Chopped on YouTube the day before Ganpati and found that Aaswad was shut.

Turned out that they were shut for three days before Ganpati to make modaks to cope with the demand.

They make about 3,500 modaks a day then for the festival. The same modak dough is used for making pedas which made me feel very philosophical about how, for all our socio-cultural differences, we are all the same, united by our love for food here.

We did manage to shoot inside thankfully. 

Do check out the video where I speak to Suryakant and get to know more about the history of Aasawad and the Maharashtrian food they serve here.

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