What keeps Irfan Pabaney of Sassy Spoon going? The Finely Chopped on YouTube

We have started a new series in The Finely Chopped on YouTube.
Here I plan to introduce you to professional chefs in Mumbai whose food I love. These are people who 'still' run restaurants. At times even jump into cook themselves. They are yet to have crossed over and become TV chefs. These are people who lead kitchens which feed diners across the city. I plan to meet them and figure out what makes them tick, get their tips for those who want to get into the trade and get to know more about the person that lies behind the chef's coat.
The first chef whom we met in the series is Irfan Pabaney.
Irfaan was born in Columbia (!), has lived in Nigeria, trained in Singapore before settling down in Mumbai where he has been a chef for 23 years. He has worked with Rahul Akerkar in Under the Over and has helped launch Seijo and the Soul Dish and Hakkasan and Yautcha.
He is now the co-owner of Sassy Spoon whose Bandra outlet we often go to (including yesterday) for tea and scones.
Do check out this video. Please tell me how you find it. Do like it if you do and subscribe to the channel and tell me whom would you like to see next and what would you like to know from them.
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