Chat with Matteo Arvonio of Mezz Mezzo on whether Italian food travels well. The Finely Chopped on YouTube

You probably know that authenticity in food is a topic that I often think about these days.

I ask myself whether sitting in Mumbai, can I get the same culinary experiences that I got in a Penang or a Rome?

To find out more I caught up with chef Matteo. Matteo is an Italian expat chef who has worked in Europe, China and Mumbai before and has come back to Mumbai work in J W Marriott Juhu's Mezzo Mezzo.

His mandate is to bring in Italian flavours to diners in Mumbai.

What motivated him to leave his own country? What does he enjoy about working in India? What are the barriers that he faces?

And, what his being married to a Bengali (my classmate from college) taught him about Indian food.

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