Chef Atul Kochhar gives his take on authenticity in Indian food. The Finely Chopped on YouTube

                                          Video to chat with chef Atul Kochhar
One of the stories that struck me when I went to London a couple of years back was that of the Indian restaurant renaissance over there.
There were chefs dishing out regional Indian food in elegant restaurants which was a world far removed from the Bangladeshi run inexpensive curry houses of Brick Lane which earlier stood for Indian food in the UK.
One of the key players of this movement is chef Atul Kochhar who was the first Indian chef to win a Michelin star for his restaurants. A feat which he repeated again for his second Michelin star a bit later.
Kochhar has been in the news in Mumbai recently as he has opened NRI (Not Really Indian), a restaurant in Mumbai's BKC which will offer food cooked by Indian immigrants across the world.
I caught up with him recently for a chat on his experience on taking Indian food to international shores, his take on 'authenticity in food' (a favourite topic of mine) and what brings him back to India.
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