In case you are wondering why you should write your own food blog

I opened the Facebook 'others folder' this evening and saw the following mail:

"Hi Kalyan, you probably hear this a lot , but I feel I " know" you as I've been reading your

blog and on various food forums for several years... Where I've mostly been a silent reader!
Recently I was researching some Parsi recipes for a show I host for xxx, a web portal and your blog was one of the first ones I went to!"



I normally don't share mails I get from folks but this mail seemed just the answer and 

reaffirmation that I was seeking.

Coincidentally I saw this mail just when food blogger Monika Manchanda asked on twitter why 

why one should start a food blog and the following was my 



Pagli Chef said…
Blogging is still so new to me Im learning as I go along. What I find interesting is what stories interest people. I am often so wrong as to what would get someones attention. A small little post about a cultural nuance gets a lot more attention than a well thought out post about a fascinating recipe. I hope to keep learning :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
It's a very interesting topic that you have raised Tarina. The most spoken about bloggers on social media are those who 'review' restaurants or write about new restaurant PR driven meals
The most active blogging circuit though is that of recipe bloggers. This is dominated by NRIs and many of whom document cultural memories which help them connect with each other and make the recipes special
As far as fascinating recipes go, if they don't have a context, then one has to work on building a blog seen as a source of interesting and unique recipes
The key to remember is that it takes time to build a blog just as cooking a great recipe does. So keep at it and do exactly what you want to do.
Anirban Halder said…
" can lovingly spin a yarn over hours in a cast iron pot" Loved it! I have a blog on Kolkata called 'Kolkata Curry' for more than nine years. And it often takes me hours to put up a post the way I like it. I found precious support to my vision of blogging (Write what you want to write) in your blog post.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Anirban. Heading out in search of your blog