Notes from the Finely Chopped shoot

Owner of Irani cafe (OIC): Will this show on TV?

Me: No, YouTube on the internet

OIC: Oh, my phone is not a smart phone

Me: That's a problem

OIC: Wait, I can go the show down the corner. It's called Starbucks. They have free wifi

Me: But your phone doesn't have internet facility

OIC: That's ok. They will give free internet. Achha, things stay how long on the internet

Me: Could be for well after you and I are gone

OIC: Aaah, like a Hindi film!

Thankfully, his dad and uncle weren't there and we could shoot inside the Yazdani bakery yesterday


The Untourists said…
Would love to see the video!
Anjali Koli said…
Can't wait to see it!