My eggs runneth over. Eggs Benedict at Smoke House Deli, Bandra

Eggs Benedicts at Smoke House Deli, Bandra, today

I was a bit unhappy with my Egg Benedicts at Smoke Hose Deli, Bandra, of late.

The Hollandaise sauce would be layered on too thick. And it would be rather cold and tasteless. The bacon was a bit chunky and chewy and on last Valentine's day, the brioche didn't seem toasted either and was cold.

Last Monday I was at Smoke House Deli and bumped into Zeno, the cheerful and helpful manager at Smokehouse Deli Bandra. He is there on Mondays and Tuesdays and gives his staff and off to recover from the weekend and takes an off later when they are recharged.

I hate to do this sibling comparison thing but I told him that the egg benedicts at Smokehouse Deli just don't give me the sort of happiness that the benedicts at SaltWater Cafe, Bandra, from the same group do.

The sauce is layered on right and is so seductive in the SaltWater eggs Benedicts. The ham tastes way better, is crisper and more flavourful. The brioche toasted right and not bready.

I was going to order fried eggs at Smoke House last Monday but Zeno said, "Give me a chance sir. I will fix it".

True enough. The ham tasted fantastic. "I got it fried sir instead of using the normal griller".

The Hollandaise sauce was  far from ice cold this time and was diaphanous in texture and alluring in taste and. The brioche was toasted just right.

The only hitch was the yolks were overcooked and stiff and not runny. I pointed it out to Zeno while lauding him for a great effort otherwise.

I went back a week later and asked Zeno for "the same Bendicts" today too.

After our meal Zeno, came and asked me proudly "Hope you like the yolks this time sir. I told the chef it has to be runny. The chef told me they will break when you take them out. I told them, I won't take them out till you get them right."

That's why I thought I had to write the post the moment I came back.

You can call me fussy, but I like to eat well. 

People who help me do so are my friends.

Now Smokehouse is up there with Salt Water Cafe for my favourite Eggs Benedict in Bandra and both are cheaper than the Indigo Deli one.