Here's why I love putting together roasts and grills for dinner

Last night's dinner. More than just a pretty plate

This is a picture of our dinner from last night. 

I like these 'bung into the oven, take out and eat' meals.

What was the recipe

Stack the ingredients in 3 layers in the baking tray or vessel. Sliced mushrooms first, topped with peeled baby carrots and then chicken legs on top. Flavoured with a bit of honey, balsamic, sea salt, extra Virgin olive oil, sea salt and crushed black pepper. 

Wrap in a foil or put a lid to cover and roast it in a preheated oven for 20 min at 200C. 

Actually there was no foil at home so I put a baking tray on top of a glass baking dish in which the food was kept. You thought only Indian housewives can be ingenious in the kitchen? We men are not as 'useless' (tongue firmly in cheek) in the kitchen as made out to be.

Take the baking dish out of the oven, using mitts (it will be very hot), and remove the cover. Turn the chicken around so that it cooks evenly. You keep the chicken on top as you want the flavours of the meat to seep into the veggies.

Put the baking tray back into the oven. 

The tray should be uncovered this time so that the chicken browns a bit. Add some dry herbs like oregano, paprika etc if you have any at home. I have purposely not put measure. I just see what's at home and add in. The trick it so not add too much of anything.

Grill (with no lid on top unlike when roasted) for 15 min at 200C.

Let the food  rest in the shut oven (it will become cold if the door is open) for another 10- 15 min and then eat. You can have some toast on the side if you want.

While plating, top with a bit of the juice that has come out. 

The plate got lot of wolf whistles when I put up the picture on Facebook but the dinner tasted good too

The best part was that no blood, sweat or tears was involved in its preparation.

Do you do roasts and grills in the oven at home? What are your favourite combinations if you do? Please write in with your suggestions in the comment box