Why you should think twice before buying a Sony Camera

I completely regret having bought a Sony Cyber Shot this year.

Bought it from a store in Fort with a bill this February. Was happy with the pictures it took and its wifi. I would even tag Sony while sharing pics taken with the camera.

The camera stopped working in June. Took it to the shop I bought it from in Fort but they had no solution. I took it to the Sony authorised store, Orbit, in Worli on 22 June. Had to do our Paris trip without a camera.

It's been exactly a month since I gave the camera. It's still not fixed. The Orbit guys can't even give a date on which it will be fixed. Sony India on Twitter tells me that they are looking into it but no action has happened though I have given them the job number.

Bad product. Happens sometimes. Bad service. That's too much

Being a food blogger this affects me professionally and personally and frankly I am fed up of travelling all over Mumbai to get the camera fixed, of the constant phone calls to the unresponsive service system and of having to use my phone camera despite having invested in a camera.

25 July update: A friend and reader saw my update on Facebook and connected me with a school friend of his who from what I understand is pretty high up in Sony. Thanks to this person, my phone was finally fixed and sent to me today. Official channels didn't work. I leave you to make what you want out of this episode