Living FoodZ Power List celebrations: A happy foodie evening

(In the pic, Pawan Soni of Indian Food Freaks who remembered to take a selfie, TV show hosts: Ranveer Brar (and me),  Mayur Sharma, Rocky Singh, two impish and legendary chefs: Manish Mehrotra of the Indian Accent and Manjit Gill of ITC Hotels)

Had a really fun evening at the Living FoodZ Power List event held at Delhi last evening. 

Felt like we had all got together to celebrate the world of food, to which I owe so much to, as did most in the room yesterday. It was a happy evening and the smiles on our faces said that. It was so good catching up with many of the wonderful friends I have been privileged to make thanks to food, not all of whom are in the picture.

The corner where I sat last evening was really like the backbencher's corner with venerable and internationally feted chefs and (not so venerable though much loved) TV anchors giggling away through the evening. We were also the only men not in jackets that night which is risky in well dressed Delhi.

Will be with the little princess, my 3 month old niece, for the rest of my short stay here and can't wait till she grows up and I can spoil her with macrons and cupcakes and brownies and eclairs. 

Big thanks to the Living FoodZ for inviting me over. You have been warm and gracious hosts.

Love the hotel, the soon to be opened Roseate House. Lovely rooms, service and dark chocolate cookies which I am taking for the Cookie Monster at home. She would have loved the rooms