Mutton curry. A very short story

'Banu, aaj fridge main gosh hain. Aaj gosh banana hain' (Banu, please make mutton curry for our dinner - she is our cook and I have taught her how to make the curry) 
'Saab tomato nahin hain' (no tomatoes at home sir)
'Bina tomato ke banao' (please make it without tomatoes)
'Accha nahin lagega' (won't taste good)

I was going to suggest curd instead but kept quiet as I remembered I was supposed to call for it as curd was over at home.

So if any of the food experts here are willing to lecture Banu on how tomatoes were not ethnic to India and that traditional Indian food was made sans tomato I am happy to share her number

PS I got a rap on my knuckles from Banu for giving her dusters to the plumbers, who came to work before she did, and  who have apparently gone off with the dusters

PPS And a reminder that apart from tomatoes, dahi (curd) is over too 

PPPS and then she called me to check if the curry should be dried more, the one point where she caught my attention. After tasting the mutton K said never give her tomatoes when we have mutton

The joys of working from home you say


Simply Curious said…
How about vinegar?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
It's a common practise among Goan but I've never used vinegar in my Indian cooking. Use it for chinese or grill. Prefer lime juice though. I love balsamic