Thank you for the stories Sunny

Sunil Gavaskar's Sunny Days, and later Runs 'n Ruins, were some of my most thumbed and favourite books in my growing up years. 

One thing that he said pretty often in his books was that he never looked at the scoreboard while batting. When he crossed his 29th, Vengsarkar apparently crossed over and had to tell him 'it's your bloody 29th'

I think I enjoy my blogging because I don't think of the readership numbers while blogging. When you do that, it become a job and a job is something you have to do seriously and do well, it can't be all fun and games then.

A thought sparked off by a Sport Star tweet which said 'I never think of scoring hundreds': Rahane.'

I am a bit out of touch with cricket after Ganguly retired though and I am not too well versed with Mr Rahane's exploits


Anindya said…
I thought you will add on the story of food lovers and cricket fans can co exist and how . I personally believe in this motto hence liked this very much
Kalyan Karmakar said…
from the comments? well didn't think of that connection though I often did use cricket analogies while explaining things at life

From a pure research perspective, different to make the connection as 'everyone' loves cricket so food lovers would be a natural subset :)