Meet the young lady who knows something about my wife which I didn't know

'Sir, here are the two coffees. I have marked one with K. That's for ma'am'

I was at the Krispy Kreme outlet at Bandra's Turner Road on Sunday morning. K and I were running late for an engagement. I had wanted to call in for coffees at home but K wanted the Krispy Kreme cappuccino.

'It makes me feel good,' she said.

Unlike Starbucks, Krispy Kreme doesn't deliver coffee on Swiggy, an app we often use to call in for coffee and other stuff. So we took a rick and stopped Krispy Kreme on the way to our meeting. K waited in the rick while I went in and placed our order of two cappuccinos to go. 

I was sleepy and also anxious about making it to our engagement in time and I didn't pay much attention to what was happening at the counter after I placed my order.

The girl's comment, when the coffees were ready, snapped me back to attention. I hadn't specified who I wanted the second coffee for after all, let alone their preferences!

'That's madam's coffee? What's the difference?' I asked.

'She likes her coffee light sir,' she said.

'She does?' I replied, flummoxed and collected our cappuccinos.

I left with our coffees very impressed. K and I are regulars at this outlet. We don't always come here together. I usually come here to pick a coffee on the way if I have a morning meeting.

The staff is alway smiling and cheerful when I come here. Including the young girl who served us the coffee today whom I had seen here before too.

I had bothered to ask her her name in the past. Yet she knew enough of me to know that I was picking the second coffee for K and also what type of coffee she liked.

I requested K to ask her her the next time she went there.

K did go to Krispy Kreme in the evening for another cappuccino and now that I know the young girl's name , "thank you for the coffee and the smiles Salma and for teaching me what it means to 'treasure the individual in front of you' ".

Have a lovely week ahead guys.


Aadil Desai said…
That's really sweet of her to remember the choices, had a similar experience in a small boutique hotel in Baroda where the staff always remembeed my tea preference and got it just the way I like it. In a big mug instead of the small cup!!!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I feel fortunate to come across such people. Syliva at candies who knows our orders by heart is another
Keep up the wonderful work