Maharashtrian breakfasts: Phodnichi poli

Phodnichi Poli

This is a Maharashtrian breakfast you will rarely find in restaurants in Mumbai.

It is called phodnichi/ fornichi poli. Left over rotis from the previous night's dinner, shredded and spiced up in the morning by ingenuous Maharashtrian mammas for their children who lap up this magical transformation of the humble roti.

I first had it at Potoba at Kalina. The folks at Aaswad kindly prepared this plate for me to shoot when I did Maharashtrian breakfasts for Jet Wings.

Tastes delicious so I hope they make it a part of the Aaswad menu


Anonymous said…
why such instagramish posts ?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Anon: because I felt that some who only read the blog would miss these