Diwali feasts across India: My article in NDTV Food

Mutton shingdi

I have been rather busy over the last week or so with my travels and haven't been able to update links to some of my recent articles but I did get opportunities to write some very interesting pieces of late and I will share them over the next few days. Which is why I am posting a Diwali piece today. 

This is from a post I did for NDTV food. The brief to me was 'Diwali food across India'. 

"Humph," I petulantly replied, "you can Google it if you want a listicle.""

My editor, Harnoor, sternly replied and said, "I expect you to do the same amount of research that you always do,".

Suitably chastened, I spoke to my friends from across India who are connected to the world of food and got to learn so much about our country and out customs and realised at the end that I've just scratched the surface with this article.

What you see in the plate in the picture above are shingdya. They were made by Bimba Nayak. Have you heard of them before? I hadn't!

It is  dish of mutton keema cooked and then baked in a thin flour casing. The filling is spicy, well flavoured and pretty superb to eat. A Diwali treat from my friend Manisha Talim . 

It is a snack belonging to the Pathare Prabhe community of Mumbai to which Kunal Vijayakar belongs to. He describes this as 'Karanji or what we in the PP community call "shingdi" or plural "shingdya". Normally a karanji is stuffed with sweetened coconut. We make them with coconut or dudhi halwa or better still spicy mutton Kheema.'

This was the first of many discoveries I made while doing the 'research' for this article. 

I know its late in the day but do read on to see what's eaten in Himachal, Odisha, Jaipur, Bihar, Andhra, Amritsar Bhopal ,Mangalore and other places of India during Diwali.

Here is the link to the piece. If you have any Diwali favourite feasts then I would love to know about them and please write in at the comment section.