Maharashtrian breakfasts: Dahi bhakri

This is a very interesting dish that I came across while studying (and eating)  Maharashtrian breakfasts for the JetWings article that I wrote.

It's called dahi bhakdi/ bhakri. You will rarely see it in restaurant menus. Suryakant Sarjoshi​, the owner of Aaswad, told me about it & got a plate made specially for me.

Bhakris are rotis made with different kind of flours such rice, jowar and nachni too. The previous night's leftover bhakris are shredded and put into curd with mild seasoning and condiments. It's a comparatively rare cold breakfast (larger proportion of their breakfast dishes are hot breakfasts I think) and I found it be delightfully light and cooling apart from being well flavoured. Have you tried it before?

Here's the link to the post on my article