Maharashtrian breakfasts: Sabudana vada

Sabudana vada, Aaswad

Here's a juicy and crunchy, no holds barred, Maharashtrian breakfast to start your Monday with. 

It's called sabudana vada and is munched on through the day actually but is quite the breakfast too. It's a deep fried sago bean and mashed potato cutlet/ pakora/ croquette with crushed peanuts giving it a nice textural contrast. Usually served with a sweetened liquidy dahi & a desiccated coconut chutney. It is rarely very spicy though at the some place the dahi chutney could have some underlying chilli heat from the tarka.

Not sure if it's very healthy unless if you have the vigorous lifestyle of  Maratha warrior in Shivaji's army galloping up and down the hills. But hey, it's Monday and one needs a pick me up.

Tastes like stick jaws if not had fresh or if not made well. In Mumbai I've had ones which are freshly fried airy crunchy delights in places such as Aaswad, Prakash and the now shut Madhura

Sabudana vadas were part of my Jet Wings article on Maharashtrian Breakfasts

What did you have for breakfast today? I wanted some change from eggs and had a sweetish baked beans with a buttery croissant at Smoke House Deli followed by a Columbian coffee