Maharashtrian Breakfasts: Thali peeth

Thali peeth at Aaswad

The then newly opened western bread shops in Bandra brought multi-grain breads into our diet a few years back. We were trying out various diet plans at that time and muti grain breads were advised to us. Since then multi-grain breads became the part of the bread-scape here and you get mass produced ones too.

Then I went Maharashtrian restaurants in Mumbai such as Prakash and Aaswad and discovered that 'multigrain breads' have been part of the local culinary repertoire for ages!

I am talking of a breakfast favourite called thali peeth. It is a shallow fried multi grain flat bread/ pancake. The composition of thali peeth could vary from house to house and the flours used in the dough include those made from millets such as bajra and jowar, rajgira (amaranth), roasted sabudana, and even pounded wheat, rice and besan. The levels of spiciness in the dough varies from mom to mom. It is often topped with loni or white butter and served with a sweet and tangy dahi chutney on the side. The thali peeth can be made gluten free. There are some homes where the thali peeth is baked on a tava without any oil at all

My favourite restaurant thali peeth is the one at Aaswad

PS: It is very different from western loaves