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The new range of Tasty Treat Firangi bhujias

What are you most likely to reach for when you are craving for a tasty snack?

For me it has to a bhujia, a namkeen or a chanachur. Different names from across the country that stand for various renditions of a crispy, tongue tingling snack which is as Indian as it can get.

My love for bhujia began in Kolkata when my mother would give me muri (bhel or kurmura) chanachur to eat occasionally after school. This made for a tasty and filling evening snack which I could not get enough of. Sometimes instead of chanachur she would add jhuri bhaaja which is a Bengali version of bhujia.

Experimenting with bhujias and namkeen from across the country has been a fun journey for me.

Then I received the new Firangi Bhujia range from Tasty Treat.  I was flummoxed by the flavours– Peri Peri, Wasabi, Schezwan and Barbeque – wasabi and bhujia?

Last evening I sat down and opened the packs one after the other and tasted each bhujia. I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Each bhujia had a delightfully crunchy texture which, to me, lies at the heart of a great bhujia. I was also quite impressed by how full each packet was.

Peri peri

The Peri Peri one, with its bird’s eye chilli base, was the most familiar one to my palate. It was spicy and savoury and just the sort I could imagine adding to some bhel and eating. I sprinkled some on my baigan bharta during lunch and loved the way it livened up the texture of the dish.


The Wasabi one stood for everything that wasabi stands for. A flavour which is meant to clear out your ears and nose with its sharp taste. As a sushi lover, I love wasabi, but I found Wasabi flavours to be novel in a bhujia format. I would have this in small quantities and savour its taste over a while. Or I would add it to some curd and add some chopped cucumber to it and make it a nice and summery raita. 


The Schezwan flavoured bhujia brought back memories of ordering Chinese takeaways in Mumbai. Some of these places send crunchy fried noodles and schezwan sauce on the side. I sometimes dip the noodles in the sauce and have this as an appetizer. I could imagine getting the Schezwan Bhujia and serving it to guests the next time I cook Chinese at home. My mom in law, who loves bhujias, had come to visit her. This was her favourite. She loves her Schezwan fried rice in restaurants and liked the fact that this was spicy and a bit sweet too. 


I was blown away by the last flavour that I tried. The barbeque one. The smoky flavours in it was incredible and the combination with the crisp bhujia was amazing. It tasted beautiful by itself and I could see myself using it to add texture and flavour to the simple cous cous and feta of hung curd and tasted nuts salads that I like to make. I had some friends who came home later in the evening for tea and I got them to try it. One is 50 and the other 69 and are distinguished bankers. Yet, they giggled like schoolboys in delight as they had this. 

Bhujia party with the boys

I am someone who loves experimenting with flavours and condiments myself in the kitchen and this was right up my street.

I can definitely see myself grabbing more bags of these once I am done with the packs I have at home.

You can go to the following stores to pick up packs of Tasty Treat yourselves:

Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Food Hall, Nilgiris, Aadhar, Easy Day, Heritage Fresh

Here’s the link to theTasty Treat site. Do check this out to know some fun facts about the flavours and their origins

Note: This post was written in association with Tasty Treat. The views shared are my own.