A Monday breakfast that sets up one’s week

One of the toughest things to deal with when I moved out of the world of full time employment to that of being a freelance food writer, was the issue of what to do with my day. The toughest thing actually!

Things are thankfully different now. When I wake up, I am pretty clear what I want to write about next. At times these could commissioned pieces, often things to write on the blog. Beginning to value my own blog possibly played a big role in this mind shift.

I came across a line by the 14th century Japanese Buddhist monk, Nicherin Daishonin, this morning which sums up this change of attitude. It goes:

‘The lion king is said to advance three steps, then gather himself to spring, unleashing the same power whether he traps a tiny ant or attacks a fierce animal.’

A good breakfast became key to my new life too. Today, I found some Camembert, which had come in a corporate gift basket, in the fridge. Made some grilled toast with it and a mushroom, capsicum and tomato omelette in olive oil, zatar, dukkah and sea salt, again part of corporate gift boxes. The bread and eggs were from the corner shop and anda wallah, the veggies from Lalu’s at Pali Market.

Felt pretty happy with myself, as I finally managed to follow up on my plan to go for a short walk in the park in the morning today and have some exciting lunch plans lined up which will take me to heritage eateries in Fort which I haven’t been to. Buddhism and yoga, both emphasise on the values of gratitude and in school, we were taught to ‘count our blessings.’ Guess, this picture sums it all up. 

Have a great week ahead guys.