Billy loved his sandwiches

Chicken sandwich from Candies which I grilled at home

My late father in law loved sandwiches.

The chicken junglee was his favourite. Possibly because it is a tad spicy. He loved food that was teekha (high) on chillies though otherwise a most calm and noble man, disproving the theory that you are what you eat.

His other favourite was the ham sandwich. With or without cheese. We ordered one for him the day I met him for the first time at the now shut JATC at Churchgate. Suffice to say that his part of the meet the parents went most smoothly after that. He quietly ate the sandwich while my then to be mother in law grilled me. When done with the sandwich, he smiled and uttered his first words to me and which were complete disconnected with the reality of the afternoon, ‘so how is everything else?’

A story which came back to me as I sat down to have the chicken junglee that I’d ordered from Candies today and which I had while sitting at our two seater bistro ‘dining table’, where he and I had often sat and shared many meals during family gatherings.

I grilled the sandwich today. My wife told me that her father preferred his junglee sandwiches soft but then she had known him for longer and the two had shared many bags of wafers together.

Nowadays I sit at this table and at times I have the poro or Parsi omelette that my mother in law makes for my breakfast when she’s staying over. The first time we met was the last time she’d grilled me. 

The father in law, the late Marzban Bilimoria and Billy to his friends, loved ice creams too. 

I guess in his world it would be an apt breakfast.

This is from my instagram feed today but I wanted it to be on the blog too.