Digital India enters our kitchen

Lunch cooked by Banu using an internet recipe video as a base. The chilli
was used just for the picture and then put back
Me (In Hindi): Please make the cauliflower bhaaji that you made the other day. It turned out well.

Banu (our cook & again in Hindi) with a bashful giggle: I learnt how to make it from a video on aunty’s (my mother in law’s) phone. I then called up my daughter & told her to check it on her phone and then tell me again how to make it. I can’t read you see. That’s how I made it. Now I’ve bought a phone where you can see videos. I don’t know how to use it

Me: Bhaabi (the missus) will teach you.

Digital India has entered our kitchen you could say & hats off to all the YouTubers etc sharing videos out there.

I think Banu started giving importance to the meals that she cooks for us after her daughter spotted me on TV in a couple of cookery show episodes I had appeared in long back on Food Food & which keep getting repeated on TV, and which she showed them to her.

Well, as they said in the movie, ‘whatever works!’

From @thefinelychopped on Instagram