Here’s my idea a holi special breakfast. What’s yours?

Egg bhurjee with toasted pav on a plate painted by Rhea Mitra Dala
This first appeared on @thefinelychopped on Instagram

What do you do when you wake up on what’s well past the wrong side of noon, and realise that restaurant delivery apps are not delivering & that your usual delivery place is taking too long to deliver, and that you are unsure about the prudence of going out and are frankly to sleepy to do so too.

You have a sip of the cappuccino delivered home by your usual delivery place, and a bite of the cookies sent as a Holi gift by another local favourite delivery place, and then begin to look around the kitchen as you sense life seep into your soul again.

You find a day old pav in the breadbox, leftover from a shoot, and bung it in the oven. Then you find exactly two eggs left in the fridge, break them and chuck one of two yolks. You also find a halved onion and a tomato there, and then some left over red chilli chutney meant to accompany the shammi kebab sandwiches someone sent over the weekend, and it all goes into the bhurjee you had set off to make. 

At the last minute, and before turning off the flame, inspiration strikes you. You ask yourself what would your Parsi photographer raconteur friend, your Parsi mother in law and the local, former, Irani cafe would do. You know the answer and so take out the Parsi favourite Kraft cheese cube, from the box given to you by your Parsi aunt in law, cube it further and add it to the egg in the pan.

You then take out a plate painted and given to you by a friend, a fellow Bengali married to a Parsi, and plate your food. Then you quickly tear out some fresh coriander and add it to the bhurjee before you take it to the hall, and then realise that your breakfast looks apt for the festival of colours.

So in other words, Happy Holi everyone!

PS. That’s the recipe too and of course you need some oil and salt. I later realised that I'd used only one egg.

PPS. Talking of Parsis, akoori is not the same as bhurjee. The former is creamy. The latter tight. I did use my mom in law’s akoori tip of adding in the masala first and then the egg though in my bhurjee today.

Thanks to Candies, we got our cappuccino fix in the morning