A bheto Bengali’s attempt to balance the grains in his life

I took a break from the kitchen for lunch since our cook Banu has come to work today.

She made the moong dal the way I’ve taught her to. I took one more bowl of it later. Added the juice of the Kazi lime that Pushpanjalee gave me during the lunch she hosted me to at her house in Guwahati. It added amazing flavours to the dal and to the salad. It looks like the Gondho Raj Lebu of Bengal but is more juicy I feel while the Gondho Raj is all about the essence.

I took as much methi on my plate as I did red rice. And some salad too. My ways of reducing the proportion of grains in my meals. Eating single course meals versus the traditional Bengali style of multi course ones helps too. You don’t take rice with each course this way. 

Pretty plates make the food more appealing. The East Bengal F.C. colours are purely incidental.

All part of my #littlejackhornermeals school of eating. 

What is that? Read my previous blog post to know more.

The term ‘Bheto Bengali’ means a dyed in the wool Bengali and is a play on the Bengalis love for rice or bhaat. I am not sure if I qualify entirely but I do love rice. Hated it as a kid though. 

This post is from my instagram food. I am documenting these #LittleJackHornerMeals on the blog here too so please forgive the duplication.