Little Jack Horner’s lighter version of the Kolkata egg roll

Faced with an empty pantry at home after an out of town trip, I did what my mother would do for us when we were kids and my aunt for my cousins, and countless other Bengali mothers for their kids, and possibly other moms across India too. 

I took the two rotis which I didn’t have for dinner last night and converted them into faux egg rolls for breakfast!

‘Real’ egg rolls out of home would be made with maida paratha and not aata (wholewheat), not egg white as I did today, nor would Canola oil be used. Dalda I guess. 

These rolls do not taste the same as what you eat outside, but have their own personality for sure and I do enjoy them now as I did when I was a kid.

How to make it? 

Add salt and pepper to it and beat an egg. 

Pour half a teaspoon of oil on a flat pan and then pour out the egg (I used whites so 1.5 per paratha). Sauté some onions at one corner of the pan. Place roti on the egg while it’s still liquidy. Once the egg forms, turn the roti over and let it crisp a bit on the other side. 

Take the roti off the pan and place it on a flat surface, egg facing up. Put the sliced onions in a line at one end of the paratha. You could add some chopped green chillies too. Add a bit of ketchup, chilli sauce and lime juice. Roll it up and your egg roll is ready. You can add some diced raw vegetables like carrots, beet root, cucumber if you like. Some suburban roll shop folks in Kolkata used to.

Works as a snack at any time of the day.

This is from my Instagram feed and part of a series of lighter recipes that I am sharing there