One pesto many dishes. Making leftovers work: The Little Jack Horner Meals series

Wholewheat spaghetti in pesto with aubergines and sunflower seeds

Remember the pesto that I’d made couple of days back with fresh basil leaves, garlic, toasted walnuts, salt and extra virgin olive oil? The one I spoke about in the boiled egg whites post?

Well, I used some of the pesto the next day to make an aubergine/ eggplant/ baigan wholewheat pesto spaghetti. From what I understand, aubergines is a vegetable that is occasionally added to pastas in Italy. In the southern Mediterranean region I guess.

This is how I made it. The pictures below are from my Instagram stories. I hope you do follow me at @thefinelychopped If you do, you will know that this post first appeared there.

I sauteed some sliced aubergines in olive oil with crushed pepper in a pan first.

Then added the wholewheat pasta which our cook Banu had just boiled for me and thus saved me a bit of effort in the kitchen. I am down with a bad back after all.

Then I added a tablespoon of the water in which the pasta had been boiled to the spaghetti, turned off the gas and added the pesto, and blended it all in with a fork. 

Turning off the gas and then adding in the pesto is a trick that I learnt from my friend, Matteo Arvonio, who is Italian and a great chef. He had shown me this when he was at the Mezzo Mezzo at the JW Marrott, Juhu.

I sprinkled some sunflower seeds on top at the end. The pasta remained hot even after I sat down to eat post taking pictures.

The pesto has no Parmesan and pine nuts in it, but I am sure Matteo wouldn’t mind that. He is someone who understands flavours well and believes in building on them. He is married to my classmate from college, a Bengali. 

That's an unrelated piece of trivia. Or maybe not!

Here's a video of Matteo showing me how to make a rocket pesto: