When memories of lunch resurfaced in an ‘Italian chutney sandwich’ breakfast

No, this is not a chutney sandwich. Or is it?

Remember the walnut, basil, garlic, pistachio, pink salt and extra virgin olive oil pesto that I made for the fish and veg lunch yesterday?

Well I set aside a bit of the pesto from that and blended in a couple of broccoli florets, capsicum and mushroom slices from the sautéed veggies to it in the mixer grinder to add bulk to the pesto.

Ordered in a multigrain half loaf (Rs 60 with delivery charge) from The Bakers Dozen through Swiggy this morning, toasted a couple of slices and layered on this ‘Italian chutney’ and drizzled on some extra virgin olive oil too and this made for a lovely breakfast.

When I proudly told K about how I keep something from the meals I make to have for my breakfasts or snacks, she shrugged and said ‘our mothers have been doing that for ages!’