The story of our rocking Parsi New Year 2018 lunch from Katy's Kitchen

The food was so good that I stood on a chair and gave it a top angle
shot salute

Of the various festivals that have featured in my blog over the years, I am not sure if there have been more posts on Durga Puja/ Saraswati puja or on Navroz/ Parsi New Year.

A reflection of my life of being a Bengali married to a Parsi I guess.

Today is the Parsi New Year, so I thought I will wish you all Saal Mubarak and do a very quick report on what happened today.

It's the same old actually and thank God for that.

Our dear friends, Kurush Dalal and Rhea Mitra Dalal (another Parsi Bengali couple like us), sent us a Parsi new year bhonu (feast) from Katy's Kitchen. Katy's is a catering outfit which had been started by Kurush's mom, the late and legendary Dr Katy Dalal.  We adore their food and order from them for house parties where we want to serve Parsi food.

We spent the afternoon with family. My mom in law, her brother and her sister, i.e. K's mama and masi.

What was the menu?

Vegetarian (yes Parsi's eat veg too and K's mama and now mom are vegetarian): Vegetable cutlet, lagan nu shtew, ravaiyya, vegetable pulao dar (dal), kesar rava

Non-Vegetarian: Bheja cutles (sic), pisela badam darakh nu gos, patra ni machhi, sali boti, mutton pulao dar, lagan nu custard.

Non-Parsis, please see the video below to know what I am talking of. Parsis, please forgive any pronunciation or other errors. All, please subscribe to my YouTube channel: Finely Chopped by Kalyan Karmakar , and like and share the video too.

Kurush and Rhea, this is the best I have eaten from Katy's Kitchen and that's saying a lot given your high standards. Many thanks and saal mubarak and salam to Katy mai.

OK, to have some of the remaining sali boti for dinner!

With mama, mummy and masi

K with mama, mummy and masi

Me with K, mummy and masi

With K, thanks to whom the Parsi New Year means so much to me
That's the wife for those who didn't know