A vow for peace from the world of food on the 6th of December

Met an Assamese friend from Guwahati, who has lived across the country herself, over a breakfast of Goan treats such as chicken sandwiches and mutton potato chops, pan rolls and mutton puffs this morning in Bandra in Mumbai. We were surrounded by people of all religions while we had our meal there. All eating and chatting happily.

We spoke, among other things, of the migratory nature of food influences and specifically of the Portuguese touch in the meal that we had. We also spoke about about how getting to know each other’s food is a lovely and delicious way of establishing the principle of ‘peaceful coexistence of entities.’ A principle that says that human beings are different and that we should respect this and strive for peace and happiness, rather than expect others to be the way we are.

I later realised that it is the 6th of December today. A most apt day to remind ourselves of this message. 

That it is up to us to not let the divisive forces win. That nothing matters as much as peace!