Puris by the beach at Bandra. Carter Road Social

Breakfast by the beach at Carter Road Social
I realised that I have not written a single blog post this February. There are many reasons for it ranging from travel, back problems, work commitments in terms of columns and event hosting for Times Kitchen Tales and Times Literature Fest and so on. I've been working on a piece for the blog for ages but have not finished it. I have been posting diary-like posts on Instagram though. Thought I should at least save them here for the future. So here goes, one from today.

One could say that the bedmi puri that I had in Mumbai this morning lacked the array of textures that I had experienced in the ones that I had tried at Shyam Sweets in old Dehi earlier.

Or that the salli par eendus served by Parsis, that I have had in the past, consist of thin sali into which the egg (eedu) sets in and not disparate thick masala salli as was the case here.

Salli per eedu at Social

But hey, soft puris with a soulful alu subzi, fried eggs and crunchy salli, a side order of bacon... all lip-smacking even if high octane stuff... relished while
looking on to the sea ... while chatting a with a college alumni from Kolkata, now a neighbour in Bandra and a dear friend too... made for quite a good breakfast plot today at the Carter Road Social.

Breakfast at Social

Oh yes, and the cappuccinos were competent too.

Nice to find simple, uncomplicated Indian favourites served at modern cafe and Social's been doing that for a while. At about Rs 850 for 2, it was perhaps amongst the cheapest modern cafe breakfasts that in Bandra.

What are your favourite Indian 'indulgent' breakfast dishes. The stuff you should ideally follow up with a jog by the sea with?

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