Here's where you can call in for a jazzy, lazy breakfast in Bandra

Cheddar scrambled eggs & choris Benedict from Jazzy Jim's Cookhouse, Bandra

This was the rather indulgent and gourmet breakfast that one had at home today.

Not made by me. It was sent by young James Miranda. He has started a breakfast delivery service in Bandra called Jazzy Jim’s Cookhouse. A name that reflects the fact that he is a trumpet playing musician and a trained chef too (from IHMA). He is the son of our family physician, dear Dr Margaret Miranda, who herself is a great cook and a wonderful soul. 

While one can call for the food on the same day, I preordered mine the previous night. Cheddar scrambled eggs and choris (Goan sausage) Benedict. 

Choris Benedict

The food came in boxes with instructions on how to assemble them. The flavours were spot on.

I loved the choris which was not too tangy or hot & hence perfect in the morning. The cheddar in the scrambled eggs was pleasantly prominent and made its presence felt. 

I loved how well balanced and light textured the Hollandaise sauce was. The toast was nice and buttery and there was more butter on the side.  The salad on the side & the hash browns were flavour packed too. 

There was nothing held back in James' food but then he is Goan after all. They do not believe in taking half measures. I hope he introduces a stand alone choris pav too. 

The food reminded me of why I rarely do reviews or sampling. It’s hard to control oneself when the food is good and I didn’t do so today. 

I did go for a short walk in the morning before breakfast if that counts. I walked two more rounds more than the moderate target that I had set myself when a friend dropped in with his daughter aged a year and two months. 

I have known this little princess from when she was born and who can say no to a trainer with a chirpy smile?

Cheddar scrambled eggs

How did the delivery model affect the food? 

The eggs were cheesy but not runny. One of the poached eggs was runny, the other not so much. The breads were hot when they reached us. Photography and assembly meant they weren’t so when I sat to eat, so I bunged them in the oven. The flavours of the choriz, cheddar, butter & the hollandaise took care of it all. I sat to eat 15 min after the food was delivered. Next time I will not.

The food reached ten minutes after the prescribed time but this is not food that can be hurried. If you have to wolf down your breakfast and hurry to work then might not be for you. If you want to start your day on a lavish and majestic note on the other hand then this could be right up your street.

I’ve attached the menu and you have to call/ text here to order: +91 877-9383510 I believe there’s a 30 pc discount on right now and caters classic continental food too. The food was sent to me sample and was on the house.