How did the roast chicken ended up in a pasta? A leftover hack story.

Last night's leftovers that came alive at lunch time

Roasted last night

Last night I roasted some chicken on the bone for 25 min at 200 C on a bed of sliced onions in the oven. With salt, pepper, oregano & chilli flakes and fresh garlic and ginger giving it company.

I took the baking dish out. Removed the foil with which I had covered it. Added chopped vegetables and olive oil and some salt to the veggies and grilled it for another 25 min at 200 C.

It made for a lovely dinner. Some of you asked me for its recipe on Instagram and there you go. This is it.

There were leftovers from dinner as my brother, who is in town and was supposed to come, got stuck at work.

‘Don’t worry,’ I reassured him him. ‘I’ll use it. Don’t take chaap. It would have been lovely to see you but I can understand.’

I served K & me the leg and thigh and drumsticks and liver and kept the rest in the fidge.

Today's spaghetti and the remains of the roast chicken

Feeling saucy today

Today I added some of the jus and onions from last night’s roast to freshly ground tomatoes in a pan and reduced the sauce. I then added some of the chicken and veggies from last night, and freshly boiled spaghetti and salt, to make today’s lunch. 

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil at the end & dash of Parmesan and I was done. 

I was rather happy with the end result and hence thought that I should post it on the blog. The pieces of chicken that I used today was from the breast but yet did not seem dry. I added some bits of the gizzard too which gave the occasional scrunchu bite. The best thing of making your own tomato sauce for pasta is that you need not add any sugar. In this case, the stock/ jus added depth of flavour. 

Now tell me, how would you have re-used the chicken? I plan to use the remaining to make a chicken and mustard grilled sandwich for breakfast tomorrow.

That turned out well. Best use of the the breast piece of a chicken in my books
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