Introducing 'The Jamshed.' The king of sandwiches.

Tandoori chicken grilled sandwich

‘And remember, if you put any leftovers from the fridge between two slices of bread and then in the sandwich griller, it will always taste nice.’

Jamshed Uncle was a Parsi gentleman who was a most wonderful person and possibly one of our most ardent well wishers. 

Cancer took him away from us unfortunately a couple of years back. He probably had a premonition of this and made it a point to read out his life’s lessons, from notes he would make made, to my wife and me when we met at the RBYC in the months preceding this. 

His sandwich grill advice remained constant even if the others, ranging from the merits of PPF to those of eating eggs everyday, changed with time.

Roast chicken grilled sandwich on the first of the two rainy Mumbai mornings 

Yesterday I took some leftover roast chicken from the fridge and sourdough bread and made myself a grilled sandwich for breakfast on a rainy Mumbai morning.

Today I did the same with the leftover tandoori chicken from what we ordered from Khane Khaas last night, the mint chutney that they sent, the sourdough bread from La Folie in the fridge which is now four days old, some finely chopped capsicum and a dash of olive oil on top, to make a lovely grilled sandwich for breakfast on another rainy Mumbai morning.

I think that I am going to call these sandwiches, ‘The Jamshed.’

The crow that comes to our drawing room window would approve. They say that crows represent the spirits of those we lost. I am not much into folklore but it sure makes for a good story. 

If you have/ had a Jamshed Uncle in your life, then I’d love to hear his (or her) stories. 

Adding this pic as J was such a big believer in zero waste.
Got our cook banu to make a pulao with the leftover tandoori
chicken. Chicken tikka biryani is quite to Bombay thing
PS: While I made my sandwiches with chicken, J's advise was to use it for leftover sabzis too. "It makes everything taste good," he would say with a smile.

Here's where you can get to know more about the original Jamshed.