How a plate of roast pomfret added colour to a grey Mumbai afternoon. No oil was added to this story.

A colourful plate on a rainy day

Malu, the Koli lady who sells fish at our building rung the bell just as I sat down for breakfast today. She had pomfret. I picked up a couple as the missus loves them.

One made it my lunch plate too this afternoon. I roasted it in soya sauce, honey, white pepper, fresh ginger, sliced finely chopped green chillies and salt. Along with some carrots and for 15 min at 200 C. After pre-heating the oven

The fish was fresh and tender. No surprises there. Malu has been coming to our building to sell fish from before we lived here. The octogenarian Goan Mangalorean couple who live next door are her regular customers. That's as good a creds as any.

The carrots tasted beautiful but then with a touch of honey added, it was going to wasn't it?

I had it with some freshly boiled soba and toasted sesame. From the stash of soba that our friend Harshad got me from Busan in Korea. It has turned out to be better than the soba that I picked it from Tokyo!

Do you find cooking meditative too? Or plating at least? 

It has been a grey day in Mumbai and this did light up our house.

PS: I had just finished lunch when Banu called to say that she will not come to work today. Well, I guess I will make the same for K's dinner tonight then.

For those who asked, chetepute means licking your plate clean