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My first entry had to be on Candies and what I have written might give you an idea of what I have in mind. I have posted it on my Facebook and Instagram pages and on the blog and plan to do at least one piece every day. 

Candies Cafe is a 25 year-old Bandra institution. They have three outlets.

It is run by Allan Periera, a Goan who comes from the legacy of a family which ran bakeries and restaurants in Bandra, AKA 'the queen of suburbs' in Mumbai. Many of the dishes from the original menu belongs Mrs Periera's (Allan's wife's) home recipes. Allan is quite the hands on owner, though he is painfully shy and you will barely notice him unless you know him. His focus on quality has prevented him from expanding beyond what he can handle personally.  Some of the staff members have been here for a while and despite the crowds, welcome regular customers with a smile and a personalised greeting.

The outlets operate on a self service model and has an extensive range of sandwiches, snacks, bakes and breads, desserts, mains, coffee, teas and cold beverages made in house. The food is prepared through the day and brought to the counters and kept for customers. A few dishes such as eggs, pizzas etc are made to order. Their clientele consists of people of all ages, a favourite as much with toothless grannies as it is with toddlers with milk teeth, teens and pre-teens, their moms, working couples.

Candies is my favourite place to go to for breakfast with a book, to hang out with my wife when we manage to steal a spare moment together, or to meet my friends. It served as my quasi 'office' when I started my career as a freelance food writer. I wrote my book, The Travelling Belly, over many breakfasts there.

I always break into a smile when I step into Candies. As do most I see around me. Little wonder that I can barely wait to return.

My favourite orders at Candies:

Double shot cappuccino, chicken sandwiches (do not forget to ask for chips on the side and hope that they have it), mutton puff, mini croissant sandwich, mutton potato chop, mutton pan roll, Goan fish and prawn curry, the pizzas, classic roast chicken (leg piece).

Candies @ Mac Ronells, 5AA Pali Hill,
Next to Learners Academy School, Bandra (W)
2642 4124

Union Park, Palli Hill, Bandra (W)
2648 1686

ONGC Complex, Bandra Reclamation,
Near Lilavati Hospital, Bandra(W)
2642 3512 / 2642 3513

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