Saying Happy Easter the Bandra way. Our Lockdown Easter lunch. Finely Chopped Covid-19 Journal13

Our sausage pav easter lunch

The story of our #LockdownLove Easter lunch

It is Easter today.

We got to have a lovely Bandra Easter lunch thanks to our lovely neighbours the Badamis. The mother daughter duo, Erika and Gia, are great friends of Baby Loaf too. He is most happy when they come over or when he goes to their house to play. They gave us Goan sausage chilli fry and homemade marzipan Easter eggs for Easter. Turns out that the last time Erika had made them was before Gia was born. They made it together this time and aced it and I love marzipan.

Sausage pav and Marzipan eggs

The sausage chilli fry was so lovely too. We had bought pav used yesterday and K toasted that to have with our lunch.

Naram ladi pav from AI Bakery

We are truly lucky to have such big hearted friends as neighbours. Folks who even in the times of social distancing ensure that we are a part of their special moments. So what if we are in two different apartments?

That is why I say that it should be called 'physical' and not 'social' distancing.

Leftover love

I came up with an idea for dinner which was in keeping with the spirit of not wasting any food and not using too many utensils, that rules our kitchen during the lockdown. That of cooking tendli (ivy gourd) in the leftover masala from the Goan sausage and in the same kadhai in which we heated. No, I had no plans of using separate bowls just for Instagram.

Tendli in sausage masala
K got very excited by the idea and headed to the kitchen and executed the plan and it turned out to make for a lovely dinner.

Making use of leftovers

It struck me today that the first festival that happened just after the lockdown begun was Navroze. Then came Gudi Padwa and Chetichand Mela. It is easter now. Soon Ramzan will begin. Then will come Baiskahi and for us Bengali, Poila Boishakh.

I remembered how upset I used to be if I fell ill during Durga Puja when I was a kid, or if the festival was rained out. One looked forward to these days all year. I am sure that there must be so many many sad faces going around with the Covid-19 preventive lockdown impinging on festivities.

Baby Loaf joins me at the study at all times

Well, Easter is about Resurrection and I am sure that we will all emerge out of this stronger and the world will have its resurrection too.

This will be a distant memory then and we will remember this year as one where we celebrated our special moments with our near and dear ones. In person or through dedicated Zoom calls.

I can have this loaf at all points

Love for #FoodocracyIndia

I have some lovely news to share with you. I have for long wanted to do something that highlights the amazing work done by the SME segment of the Indian eating out sector. For a year I wondered about what would be the right way about it. The lockdown made me realise that this is the time to do so because now is when those who have fed us so well over the years need a morale booster.

Which is why I launched #FoodocracyIndia. A hashtag based movement which one can use to give a shoutout to ones favourite eatery.

TOI Today

Imagined how thrilled I was when I saw that it got a mention in an article on the restaurant sector and how people are coping with the lockdown, by Mohua Das in the Times of India today.

A surprise nod of reaffirmation to spur one on and hopefully many others too.

Here's wishing you a happy and blessed Easter.

Stay home. Stay Safe. Wear a mask if you step out.