The Bilimoria girls’ Parsi masoor ma gos recipe: Finely Chopped Covid-19 Lockdown Journal 18

Masoor ma gos

In my previous post I’d written about how there was sudden panic at home on Saturday evening when we discovered that the freezer in the fridge was not working.

There was a pack of chicke kheema or minced meat in it. Some boneless chicken thighs and a few pieces of mutton that I had kept aside from the mutton I had got from Joseph’s for the Bengali new year.

I suggesting par-boiling the mutton and chicken together and keeping it in the 'main' fridge to cook later. K did so and she took out the chicken after a while and let the mutton cook longer. She made a lovely kheema fry with the minced chicken.

Thanks to our neighbour, Erika, we got an electrician who thankfully came and fixed the freezer the next day.

K used the mutton to make masoor. The Parsi way. She asked her mom (my MIL) for the recipe. Checked a few blogs. Found the recipe to be the same and made it tonight. The result was mind blowing. Way better than the masoor made at home normally by Banu. The mutton helped of course and the meat at the end was silken. 

Credit to the recipe, the quality of mutton and the cooking skills. I had kept a few fat redolent pieces aside and that added to the taste of the dish.

K made some kachumber and I had it with the parathas our friend Anuradha Grover has sent and the combination was deadly. My mother in law once told me that masoor and naram pav go well together.

Parsi masoor ma gos meats Punjabi parathas

While K dotes on masoor, I am not a big fan. This one spoke to my heart though and I later asked K for the recipe for you and this is what I gathered. Keep in mind she cooked for two meals at a go. 

‘Heat vegetable oil in a pressure pan and then fry finely chopped onions and whole green chillies. Then add finely chopped ginger and garlic (or paste). Add finely chopped tomatoes (or purée). Add a teaspoon each of turmeric, red chilli powder (she skipped this as we didn’t have any), garam masala powder and dhansak masala (we have Mangal), half teaspoon of coriander powder. Then add the meat, salt and dal where the proportion of brown is to orange masoor is 3:1 (2 cups of brown and 2/3 of orange). Add lots of water. Shut pressure cooker. Keep on high flame. Wait for 3 whistles. Lower flame. Keep for 30 min. Add some ghee at the end.’

There you go. The second recipe from the mother and daughter combine here in a month after the earlier khara papeta. Courtesy the lockdown!

PS: K had added some of the stock in which the mutton was boiled earlier and that added oodles of flavour. Conventionally you put in uncooked meat unlike what we did. It might have been 1,000 Rs a kilo but the mutton at Josesph's Cold Storage Bandra was truly stellar.

We have a winner here
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