Vinay Health Home, Mumbai. #FoodocracyIndia

Vinay Health Home, 2014 on Finely Chopped. The gentleman with the big moustache is Chndrashekhar Tembe

The story behind the naming of Vinay Health Home, the eight decade old neighbour favourite restaurant at South Mumbai's Girgaon, tells you about its underlying philosophy better than any blue chip corporate mission statement could.
This is what the septuagenarian Mr Chandrashekhar Tembe, the second generation owner of the place, has to say.
When the restaurant was opened in the 1940s, Maharashtrian restaurants were named after their owners. Tambe, Kane, etc. Chandrashekhar’s parents decided to break the tradition by naming it after Lord Ganesha, the favourite God of Mumbai.  They named the restaurant ‘Vinay,’ which is another name for Ganesha, to add a touch of panache.
The ‘Home’ part of the name came from his parents' desire to make their restaurant a place where everyone feels at home. The way the the waiters politely come and take your order and answer your questions patiently, along with the overall pleasant vibe at the restaurant, makes this spirit come alive even today
Wondering about the ‘Health’ part of the name? 
‘Health,’ Mr Chandrashekhar explains, means that the food served should be hygienic and good for your constitution. Legend goes that while doctors normally ask you to avoid restaurant food when you are unwell, Vinay’s food is something local doctors recommend to their patients. Or so Mr Chandrashekhar says! Hence ‘Health!’
The extremely clean and neat kitchens and store rooms that Mr Chandrashekhar will happily show you to back his story are ample testimony to the hygiene friendliness of the place. The food does feel rather light on the tummy which seems to prove his point. This is how trust is built through years of hard work.
They serve Mahrashtrian vegetarian food here and the food at Vinay is on the sweeter side. The Temble's hail from the Konkan region where jaggery is added to sweeten food, says Mr Chandrashekhar, the kindness and sincerity of whose family ensures that your experience here is rather sweet too.
The sabudana vada here is a particular favourite of mine and in season, the mango milk shake, but do try the wide repertoire of dishes on offer to see what talks to you the best.

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Address: Jawahar Mansion, 71/83, Thakurdwar, Dr Babasaheb Jaykar Marg, Fanas Wadi, Naka, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002