A taste of life as we knew it. Candies is back! Covid Lockdown Journal 35

A chicken sandwich never felt as special

For once I had plans for what to make for breakfast when I went to sleep last night.
Then I woke up and saw their Instagram post saying Candies is delivering again and the precautions that they were taking.
‘Guess who just opened?’ 
‘You don’t day so,’ squealed K in joy.
‘Sir, only sandwiches and dragon chicken,’ they said when I called and soon a delivery man arrived wearing a glass visor shield, gloves and mask. Change kept in the bag.
What more do you need when you have the softest chicken sandwiches in the world?
A taste of life as we knew it.
Welcome back Candies!! ❤️❤️πŸ•ΊπŸΌπŸ’ƒ 

I had woken up a couple of times earlier to feed Baby Loaf though I realised the second time that he just wanted to talk. Couldn't see him on waking up and then K spotted him below the study bed. She said that there was a fumigation that happened in the hood and perhaps that scared him. We both patted him. Then played him Hotel California, Don't worry be happy, Everything I do, Yellow Submarine, Everything I do, November Rain, Another day in paradise... from my growing up days to him on Alexa ... and Soft Kitty as per Mummy Loaf's suggestion. He settled down and then, if Mummy Loaf is reading, snuggled up on the tee I wore at night before I could fold it and tidy the bed.