The scent of an egg sandwich. Why we miss our favourite cafe the most during the lockdown. Finely Chopped Covid Lockdown Journal 29

"Would you like to go to Candies for breakfast tomorrow," I asked K with a wry smile last night.
"Let's," she replied with an equally wry smile. Knowing that this dream will have to wait longer.

It is Saturday today. I woke up at 7 am. Still dreaming of Candies. Fed Baby Loaf some dry food then went back to sleep.

He woke me up 45 minutes later. This time I tentatively took out the chicken that I had boiled and shredded for him last night. I served it to him. Will he have home food, I wondered. Most of my attempts to feed him so have not seen much success till date. His favourite recipe is 'cut bag open and pour out dry food.'

He slurped up the chicken stock as he has in the past when I have given him chicken or chicken and liver stews. He nibbled on the chicken, but not much.

He then went to the Buddha Lounge, as I call the box window with the Buddha statue, which has been his favourite resting place for a while. Got onto window AC. Groomed himself and went off to sleep. Strategically above where our car is parked.

I decided to get up and start my day. I showered, shaved and sat to chant. Spurred by something that Dr Anjali Chhabria said on her brother, Atul Khatri's, 'Only Positive News' broadcast on Instagram yesterday about tackling sleep issues. She said 40 per cent of people are currently suffering from it.

Reconstructing the Candies egg sandwich

Then, driven by memories of the egg sandwich that we love at Candies, I boiled a couple of eggs.
Once done, I peeled the shell and coarsely minced the egg. Added a dab of butter, pink salt, white pepper, extra virgin olive oil and sriracha mayo (a bit more than intended).

I put the mix between Bimbo sandwich bread slices and put them into our Prestige sandwich griller as we like our egg sandwich grilled at Candies. A suggestion made originally by K and which has become our SOP with the egg sandwich since then.

Loaf woke up and sauntered into the kitchen just as my sandwich got ready. I took it on a plate and added some ketchup on the side; just as I do with the Candies egg sandwich.

I sat down at the table after pouring myself a Nespresso (there's a black market pricing going on on that these days).

I suddenly noticed Baby Loaf head to his plate and begin to eat! I went and peeped. There were tears of joy in my eyes. He had done a near #chetepute (licking your plate clean) and finished a lot more of the chicken served than he ever has in the past.

If you are a cat owner and are feeling inclined to jump in, please be assured that we have tried everything in the past. Do understand that every cat is different and that accessibility is an issue during the lockdown. Sometimes one wants to just share stories. Best to be honest.

Kids these days always know where the camera is

Yes, the bread today was not as soft as that at Candies. The egg mix not as buttery as their's. There was no Sylvia at the counter to ensure that I get house chips on the side with the sandwich. No Allan (the owner) pottering around. Or Candice and Beverly (his daughters) dropping by to say hello. No Subhash flashing a smile at us as he headed off with a delivery. Nor the always calm and patient lady who sits at the cash counter and who greets us in her own quiet way.

K and I did not have to split forces either. One holding a table, the other placing, paying for and then picking up the order.

                                          Fascinated to see me do my back exercises yesterday 

The egg sandwich at home can never be the same as that at Candies, I know. We miss going there for sure. Finishing our cappuccinos, once done with our sandwich. Lazing. Feeling loved and at home. In case you felt that this is the end of eating out as we knew it, picture abhi bhi baki hain mere dost. The show is not over as Sharukh Khan's character said in the movies.

Yes, this morning Baby Loaf did light up my morning at home and the sandwich from the #FinelyChoppedKitchen was not too bad either!

                                         In a playful mood with Mummy Loaf yesterday
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Sameer Kumar said…
"If you are a cat owner and are feeling inclined to jump in..." Just wanted to point out, you don't own the cat. The cat owns you... :-D