Those were glory days my friend. Chicken ham Kolkata Hakka noodles recipe. Covid-19 Lockdown Journal 27

Chciken ham Kolkata Hakka noodles
The first time that I had a ham fried rice was at the Jimmy's Kitchen outlet that had opened at Calcutta's New Market in the mid 90s when I was in college. It was my regular order there. A side dish was never required. VFM max. When we got married I would often make Kolkata Hakka noodles, as inspired by memories of my mother's kitchen, using something called scrap meat from Mark's Cold Storage, Bandra. Odd bits and ends of various cold cuts. We loved it. Later bacon became my cold cut of choice when making noodles. At times I ditched the oil and used just the fat to grease the pan. I impishly called it my 'oil free' noodles. The lockdown is on now and K ordered some Zorabian sausages from Nature's Basket. Chicken. That's what was available easily and seemed safer. I think that I will put a lockdown on chicken once the lockdown is over. Only fish and red meats for a while then! They sent a pack of chicken ham from NB as there weren't enough sausage and I could not stop myself from reliving those Glory Days. Dinner was fun and we finished off the wok. K ate it while on a late night work call hence the TV was off and it was all about mindful eating for me. Seasoned with food nostalgia. Here's the recipe from my stories:

Here's my recent Hakka noodles recipe video: