When simple childhood memories rejuvenated our lockdown kitchen with love, hope & joy. Shaada alur torkari recipe. Covid Lockdown Journal 32

Bengali shaada alur torkari and Gujarati puri

It took a bit more time than frying eggs I know, but making shaada alur torkari this morning seemed like the perfect plan as there were puris in the fridge from yesterday.
The puris were the Gujarati ones from Soam, but the combination of it with this simple Bengali potato curry took me back to my grandmom's kitchen as she often makes luchi and this alur jhol/ torkari/ chorchori/ chhecki for me when I go back to Kolkata.

Memories of didu's kitchen

The happiness that such a simple dish brought in to our kitchen in Mumbai was precious.
There are variations to how it is made but here is how I cooked it: Heat oil, add nigella seeds and fresh chillies, finely chopped ginger, parboiled potatoes & salt, water. Let it cook till the water becomes cloudy with starch as that is where the taste comes from.
The dish evokes fond memories for Bengali and is also called alur chhecki, chorchori, jhol. Some add turmeric. Some add onions. Whatever works. While I used cubed potatoes today, at times I just break in rough chunks of potatoes. Here's a recipe video from this morning.

K took to it ever since I first made it for her. She loved it today too even though she had it along with toast while on a work call. That's the working from home life for you.

Baby Loaf came in to the bedroom earlier and meowed to say good morning and I laid out his breakfast. He finished it and then went off to sleep as I started to cook our breakfast.

Breakfast with Mummy and Daddy Loaf