This might or might not be the way to make a Thai omelette. Tastes good though!

The accidental Thai omelette

My first thought when I wake up in the morning these days is to check on whether there has been a stand-off between the boys. I am talking of Baby Loaf, the cat we adopted this February and little Nimki, the kitten we have been fostering from a couple of weeks back.

If there is a skirmish going on, then I get into what I call my 'Boutros Boutros Ghali mode' (the UN Secretary General when we were in school) and separate the two.

Brothers in arms

I then feed them breakfast. Away from each other's company, so that they can eat undisturbed. Round 1 is dry food and then I go back to sleep. I repeat the routine when I wake up again. This time with wet food.

The two go off to sleep while I shave, shower and get ready for the day. The first point of business is deciding what to make breakfast. I head to the kitchen and look around for inspiration.

Today I made a sort of Thai omelette based on memories of what we had had at the night market in Bangkok. No prawns or oysters this time. Just spring onions and cashews.

This is what I did and it is of course not an 'authentic' recipe. Turned out nice though.

  • I heated oil in a wok.
  • Then added a teaspoon of the Thai chilli paste that chef Seefah had once given me. Or less.
  • Next went in chopped spring onions.
  • Then I threw out the lot. I had forgotten how fast things cook in a wok and the oil had burnt while I was posting stories on Instagram!
  • I repeated the process. Added some unsalted cashews too as they seem to be big on cashews in Thailand
  • I then poured out two whisked eggs
  • Drizzled in a bit of dark soy to season the omelette as we no longer keep fish sauce at home. I should buy some again.
  • I covered the wok with a lid and reduced the flame.
  • Flipped the egg around after it had formed. I remember the Thai street food omelettes being rather overdone. As was mine.
  • Seemed silly to have it with toast, so I boiled some soba as I started making breakfast and later placed the omelette on it and had it.
  • K had her portion with toast. Luckily she got some time between work calls to join me at the table. The boys were sleeping so we enjoyed a few moments of solitude. And made plans for lunch which K offered to make.
Then I sat to chant. One day I will have the discipline to start my day by doing so. One day.

The fraternity of the first borns

PS: I had a physio session after I made breakfast. Baby Loaf kept an eye on my progress and little Nimki decided to crank up the intensity. My phyio, Dr Jyoti Jagtap is quite the cat whisperer herself and fosters 3 and looks after many more and our physio sessions are spent trading cat stories.