The easiest Indian vegetarian dish that you will ever cook. My chilli paneer recipe.

Chilli paneer

You will not see me cooking with paneer too often but today was an exception as I decided to cook for Baby Loaf's best friend Gia, our young neighbour who makes exquisite desserts for us. Her love for animals made her take up vegetarianism. She eats eggs too. 

I avoid cooking with packaged paneer specially since we get such lovely and soft fresh paneer sold loose at Bandra's Pali Market and at the Khar Station Market. Thanks possibly to the Punjabi and Sindhi families who live here. Lalu's vegetable shop at Pali Market started stocking paneer once they moved to a larger shop and I called for it along with veggies today.

G is a young collegian and I guess that Indo Chinese would work for her and I made her a chilli paneer. The recipe is entirely mine but is easy enough to figuratively cook in ones sleep so I thought I will share it with you. There will of course be a million other chilli paneer recipes on the internet.

My chilli Paneer recipe

  • Heat oil in a wok. You can add one dry red Kashmiri chilli if you want.
  • Add in fresh cubed paneer. Let it cook for a bit and then turn around so that it gets slightly braised on both sides.
  • Add some unsalted cashews.
  • Add finely chopped capsicum (I used green and red).
  • Add dark soy sauce (I am tripping on the slightly expensive Kikoman one which we use at present and which is so intense), Sriracha (I use the Tabasco one), green chilli sauce (Sams I think), wee bit of salt, crushed white (or black) pepper.
  • Gently stir and at the end add finely chopped green chillies and sesame seeds.
Gave K a bite to taste and she said that she loved the fact that the paneer had a crunch outside and was soft inside.

Indian you asked? All right, all right. Chindian. Chandni Chowk to China and all the jazz!

PS: Gia made us lovely Japanese cheesecakes today. Plated meticulously as always.