Wake me up for before you go (go) to the kitchen. The aglio olio sunny side up story.


Aglio olio fried eggs

The first thought that comes to my mind when I wake up is, "have the boys eaten?" A question I wake up K and ask, much to her chagrin. 

"How romantic. Humph! And yes. They woke me at 6.30 today and I fed them then."

Next, and not necessarily in that order...

How is the back today? What am I going to write about today?

And then, the call to action!

What should I make for breakfast?

The answer today was fried eggs, topped with finely chopped bell peppers which I first sauteed in a tablespoon of the aglio olio dip base that Aditi Limaye Kamath of Kitchen Stories had sent over. With a dash of pink salt sprinkled on the eggs. 

Subliminally influenced I suspect by the range of fried eggs with toppings that the menu at Smoke House Deli, Bandra, offered. I used to go there every Monday morning while writing my book, 'The Travelling Belly', and would order skillet fried eggs. Followed by a Columbian French Press coffee.

Little Nimki darted into the kitchen once I finished making breakfast which made plating the two plates and getting them out to the hall, along with my espresso cup and saucer and cutlery in hand, quite the task. He wants to be a chef you see, while Baby Loaf wants to be a writer.

On the other hand, the yolks of both eggs had come out properly. What more could one want in life?

I remember a time not so long back when I would wake up and wonder what to do with my day. 

This is so much nicer and I feel really grateful about that.

We had the eggs with sourdough from La Folie, toasted in the grill. I added a dash of Amul butter on mine.  In case you want to ask, the plates and table in the pic are Fab India. The free range eggs are from Nature's Basket. The only non #VocalForLocal element was the espresso which was Nespresso Livanto.


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The soundtrack in my head when I made breakfast today:


Keka said…
Eggs look lovely! Wonder what the aglio olio dip contains!