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About Finely Chopped Walks

I moved into Mumbai about 16 years back and have since then fallen in love with the city. 

A big part of the Mumbai experience for me has been to walk down its various streets which are filled with history and cultural diversity in search for their food and for the stories behind the food. I have eaten at the little eateries which have made Mumbai what it is today. I have tried to understand the city’s spirit through its food, chatted with the owners of these restaurants and fellow patrons in the restaurants to understand what makes Mumbai such a wonderful food city.

Finely Chopped Walks are my attempts to bring to life some of the stories on my blog,  .

The walks are curated walks built around themes from the blog. They give a peek into the city of Mumbai. The walks cover places I love to eat in. They feature some of my favourite dishes. The walks are peppered with talks on the locality we are in, the food we are eating, the culture surrounding us and stories of the people around us. At times we get to interact with the owners, the wait staff or even the cooks who are behind the food in these often unsung and yet wondrous establishments.  We stop during the walks to shop for local spices, pickles, fresh produce or even mortar and pestles. 

I started the walks in December 2012. Each walk has a theme and some of the themes that we have covered so far are:

  • Fort – Getting to know the  Central Business District which once powered the commercial capital of India. The Fort walks can be themed around: discovering the public dining history of Mumbai, Parsi Walks, Seafood Walks, streetfood walks and South Indian walks
  • Bohri Mohalla – An area where the Bohri community, an Islamic sect in India, live and operate from. Here you get to know about their lives and experience some of the great examples of meat based cooking in India
  • Bandra Legends – The suburb of Bandra is considered to be a young, hip and modern one which everyone flocks to. New restaurants and pubs are opening by the dozen here. This walk though looks at some of the food legends that has defined the food scene in Bandra before it came of age
  • Dadar Maharashtrian Walk – The best way to get under the skin of a city is by understanding and experiencing the food that its people eat. This walks covers the Dadar area of Mumbai which has a concentration of restaurants, spice shops, sweet shops that offer an array of the local Maharashtrian food
There are two type of walks.

1.       Finely Chopped Community Walks...these are announced on the blog and a group of like minded people join in...for many the chance to meet other lovers of food in the city is as exciting as the walk itself. These walks are loosely structured and follow a certain walk plan with pre-designated food stops. They last for about three hours and cost around Rs 2000 (including tastings) and could vary depending on the walk and size of group. The average group size is 8 to 12 to keep it reasonably personal, allow for discussion and interactivity

2.       Bespoke Finely Chopped Walks...these can happen on a date of your choice depending on availability and can be designed beforehand basis your areas of interest. Costs would vary according to group size and areas and food covered

The following are some of the earlier routes covered in the Finely Chopped Walk and these are continuously evolving giving a sense of discovery and freshness to each walk
·         The Bohri Mohalla Walk
·         The Fort Enchanted Walk
·         The Bandra Food Legends walk
·         The Bengal in Bandra Walk

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